Tabula Rasa

Happy Monday, I wanted to take a post to reflect on myself after my birthday week. In 1991, 26 years ago today I was less than a week old sitting in a hospitable incubator fighting off jaundice since I was born premature and a little yellow due to liver issues​. While I was still acclimating […]


Happy Friday!  Hope you’re doing well on this fine day. Once I told one of my friends that I had started a blog with this name, their first question was what makes you African Americanized?  My first response was that my identity has been developed upon my heavy influence from rap growing up, but also […]


Greetings friend,  I’m an African-Americanized Latino Bay Area native and all of the posts from here on out will be considered my own opinions. I plan on touching on anything between animals to politics to xenophobia, mainly as a practice for composing my own thoughts in a coherent manner. Also, for a cathartic experience for […]