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https://www.facebook.com/1MillionAfricansTheTrilogy/ – video posted July 2nd at 10:54AM

This is a shameless copy+paste from FB, but would like to share it with a “broader” audience (all 3 of you).

While this is just a segment of this video and I can’t be sure if I’m interpreting the audience member’s response correctly – I’ve been in a similar position  of someone interpreting my perception of how races work in society as hate towards a particular race. While this man does react antagonistically towards the member of the audience after he asks his question, I took what was said by the man on the stage about racism as almost fact – at least from my point of view. 

I’ve been trying to understand how someone receives criticism towards a race in general as hate towards that race. I’ve been trying to understand how someone’s offense to certain opinions about race can create hostility when there wasn’t a need for hostility. I, myself, have been trying to steer away from categorizing people by race after a comment from my old English high school teacher on another post, it was to the effect of: by saying someone is “white” that’s just as divisive as any other racial slur. 

At first, I didn’t really understand that, as again, to be white isn’t really a slur (or at least I don’t think it is, because I’m not white lol). But to sum one up only by their phenotypical features is underestimating them. It’s basic. It’s a visceral response to something someone had no control over. And it makes me just as bad as someone else, if I base my entire perception on someone solely on their race. (Which I mean c’mon, there’s heritage, culture, gender, political/religious beliefs, a whole slew of ways to dislike someone [JK])

No one likes to be underestimated. But to support the man on the stage’s comments how there is something in society that has led to a better perception of white as opposed to black (one example he offers being you wear white to a wedding but black to a funeral; another, that a young girl chose the white doll over the black one) I have to admit that I’ve been a beneficiary of that bias, to some extent.

Excuse the language, but usually people from El Salvador are called “cerrotes” (spelling? It’s means a piece of crap (to put it nicely), cuz we’re usually so dark). I’m “chele” because I’m pale, aka gringo. I have freckles. I have a ginger beard. I assume people know I am Latino/Hispanic (I identify as Hispanic as my “Papa ‘Jandro” is from Spain) but my parents or at least my father has made the case that I look European. You can be the judge yourself, but I guess this whole post is to say I’ve been trying to be more introspective and step into the shoes of someone else. 

A good example, I recently commented about a Republican is that “what makes, makes sense.” You’re brought into this world by two people (and if you’re lucky both stick around) you begin to identify them as mother and father as every other kid does. Most kids idolize their parents and want to please them. In doing so, they’ll pick up habits, mannerisms and occasionally opinions. These opinions, if not critically examined, can lead to a complacent, and usually simplistic disposition towards society. Although some bias is unavoidable as we are again our parent’s children, if we find the world works as they’ve (our parents) told us it does – why would we question it? If someone is telling me my perception of the world is wrong, of course I’m offended. If I can’t support my ideas, I get frustrated. I’d get angry and probably misconstrue their opinions as bagging on my own – when in reality I disagree with them and instead of presenting a counterargument, discount their opinions as simplistic as something as “hate” because I assume they don’t see the whole picture.

Addition: again, my view is limited. I am always trying to expand my understanding of basically everything, but my affinity lies in sociological and psychological themes. As Eminem once said, I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn’t then why I would I say I am? In that statement he is taking into account that whatever, however you perceive him is true at least to yourself.


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